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15 Things Girls Need To Be Reminded Of

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

1. College isn’t forever

Four years may seem like a long time, but as we have all come to realize, it flies by. Make sure to make these years count because as you’ve heard multiple times, college is the best time of your life.

2. Take a deep breath

Sometimes in college it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This is why you need to BREATHE. Even if you just take one big breath, it can be helpful. If you can take a couple minutes to relax, even better.

3. He’s just a boy

He may seem like everything, but you never know who is going to be in your life in 5 years. Cherish who is in your life, but never let your world revolve around anyone but yourself.

4. Stay classy

Whether it’s what you wear to go out or how you act, it’s important to stay classy. There’s a line between sexy and slutty.

5. Take pictures

You’ll want to remember these times so make sure you take pictures to look back on! There’s no better way to reminisce.

6. Other people’s feelings are important

It can be really easy to focus simply on ourselves, however, people’s feelings are important and sometimes you affect them in ways you don’t even realize. Take this into consideration.

7. Everything has the possibility to be temporary

Something could be taken away from you at any moment. Appreciate what you have when you have it so you don’t take things for granted. Stay in the present and enjoy it!

8. Smile

It’s scientifically proven that smiling can improve your life. Even if you’re upset, smiling can instantly brighten your mood. So go ahead and flash those pearly whites!

9. Remember your priorities

Right now it might seem like going out and having a great time, with some work now and then, are our main priorities. But don’t forget about things like family, grades, and SLEEP (and passing out after drinking doesn’t count as sleep.)

10. Karma is a thing.

Some may not believe in it, but things have a way of coming full circle. Be aware of your choices and how they might affect you and others in the future.

11. Take advantage of opportunities

Fairfield has so many opportunities for us and we usually just let them pass us by. Volunteer, join a club, go to events, get an internship- do something!

12. Don’t burn bridges

 You never know when you’re going to need a recommendation or when you’re going to run into that old friend. Burning bridges is always something to avoid.

13. It’s important to forgive

I know personally I struggle with this. However, I recently read something that said “forgiveness is what you do for yourself, not for other people”. Forgiving someone can be hard, but it can be a great thing for you, and your mental health.

14. Treat yourself

Go out and indulge, buy a cupcake, buy a dress even though there’s no occasion! You deserve it and never forget that. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

15. You is kind, you is smart, you is important

You are. Everyone is. Self-confidence is extremely important and you should never doubt that you are kind, smart, important and other kick-ass qualities!


I'm a Communication major, double minor in Professional Writing and Spanish at Fairfield University.I love having a good time, dogs, tattoos and making people laugh. That's pretty much it.
Amanda McKelvey is a Co-Campus Correspondent and a senior at Fairfield University. She is a Journalism major with minors in Psychology and Communications. In addition to being a CC she has held internships with Michael Kors, CollegeFashionista.com and the Rockville Centre and Baldwin Heralds. In her free time, Amanda enjoys days on the beaches of Long Island, watching Scandal, Chicago Fire and the Bachelorette, eating anything sweet (chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes—you name it!) and reading a good book. She’s excited to spend her senior year living at Fairfield Beach with her best friends including fellow CC Danielle Tullo! You can follow her on Twitter @theAMANDAshowww or on Instagram @ammckelvey.