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14 Things Girls Do When They’re Alone

It’s impossible to know what people do in their alone time, but there is, without a doubt, similarities in what each girl is secretly doing when her roommates are out and the spotlight is off. What does it really mean when someone says they “just hung out by themselves?” While you are telling people you caught up on your sleep, studied for that economics exam and did abs alongside a workout vid, we know what was really happening. Here are some things you might not admit to, but we all know you’re secretly guilty of doing while no one is watching.

1. Acting like you’re trying out for American Idol. Belt it, sister!

2. Watching YouTube proposal videos. Bring on the water works, these are just. so. romantic. 

3. Checking yourself out. 

4. Perfecting the art of Snapchat. There are just so many things you can’t do in public, like get the ideal lighting, kissy face and wink down flawlessly.

5. Refining your twerking skills via countless online tutorials.…or is this one just me?

6. Thinking of the most random questions/ scenarios. What would happen if?

7. Finding connections. Through the hours of Facebook stalking you’ve discovered that your best friend’s high school boyfriend’s sister is a mutual friend of your roommate’s cousin. Such a small world, but now what to do with all this information??

8.  Trying random food combinations. Cheetos and Nutella, easy mac and hummus, strawberries and onion dip, you might just be on to something.

9. Rummaging through your roommate’s things. Let’s see what she has hidden away in there! …but remember you can’t unsee what you find. 10. Literally anything to avoid studying. 

11. Being naked. Because clothes are overrated.

12. Or, wearing the absolute weirdest outfits. Oversized knee socks, earmuffs, Soffe shorts and a sequin top, bring it on!

13.  Using photo booth. Who said it was only cool in middle school?

14. Impersonations. 

If you can’t admit to doing at least half of these, you’re lying to yourself. We’re all guilty of it!


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