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13 Kanye West Tweets that Accurately Describe Our Feelings of the Weekend

1. When I’m trying to stay awake in my last class before the weekend and my notes are a mess.

 2. When I’m done with classes on Friday and ready to take on the weekend.

 3. Which basically means no responsibilities for 2 days…

4. When I’m rushing everyone but also the last one to be ready.

5. When I go to a townhouse that doesn’t have holes punched in the walls.

6. When I’m at a party and I see my crush flirting with another girl.

And I’m on the other side of the room just like…


7. When someone posts a picture I took but doesn’t give me photo creds.

8. My mantra when I try to stop myself from drunk posting.

9. But drunk me couldn’t keep away from Twitter.

10. When it’s 3:05 in the morning and I just missed getting Domino’s and I’m salty AF.

11. But I realize I left a full water bottle next to my bed.

12. When my friends try to tell me I did something super embarrassing the night before but I don’t believe them.

13. But then they show me their snap stories as proof.
But it’s whatever.

Kanye just gets us. 

Originally from Boston, Caroline is a sophomore International Studies major and French minor at Fairfield University. She is a News Editor for Her Campus Fairfield as well as the Twitter Account Manager. When not hitting the books you can find her talking about cats and over posting on Instagram as @wiccancool.
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