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12 Steps of the Registration Process as Told by the Kardashians

If the sound of the word “registration” does not shoot chills down your spine (ok, maybe the word “election,” too) then what does? Have no fear…the Kardashians are here to *perfectly* sum up how were feeling during the registration process…

  1. When you realize you have to prepare for war (registration) that’s only a week away: 
  2. But then your advisor reminds you of all the core classes you have yet to take, and makes you feel SO much more relaxed for next semester…
  3. And then every class you planne don taking is already filled once its your time slot, so you become angry at every persons whose last name fell before your own. 
  4. And of course your wifi doesn’t want to be your friend either
  5. So you start to think of all the class spaces that are slowly disappearing, but remind yourself to try and stay calm… 
  6. *Panics a little more*
  7. As you start to hear everybody panicking about registration
  8. “So how did your registration go?”
  9. . You realize that you have no chance of getting every class you want, so you just try to move on…
  10. And you wonder why you didn’t prepare with a better schedule:
  11. But then you realize registration only consumes a few minutes of your life, so you don’t want to spend too much time complaining about it
  12.  Oh well, better luck next semester. 


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