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11 Times We Were All Chandler Bing

1. When Barone is serving tater tots.

2. When bae doesn’t like you back.

3. Trying to decide on a major.

4. Laughing off your friends’ weekend mistakes. 

5. When someone took the last slice of Dominoe’s pizza.

6. When a girl is wearing the same dress as you at a party.

7. When someone reminds your professor that you had homework due.

8. Meeting new people.

9. When discussing your new tinder man.10. Avoiding fights with friends.

11. Saying something dumb in front of your crush.

Aileen is a senior communication major and marketing minor who resides in Westchester, NY. She is a Executive Features Editor at Her Campus Fairfield and loves online shopping, snuggling with her dog, and working out. the Follow her on Instagram @aklindy!
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