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10 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Spring Break

Spring break is quickly approaching. If you haven’t started planning, now is the time! Even if you want to do something next year, now is the time to start planning! 


1.Talk to your friends early on

Make sure you talk to your friends before planning even begins to set expectations. Talk about the type of vacation you’re all expecting to go on, do you want to explore a new city, relax on the beach, party until dawn? Also, figure out what everyone’s maximum budgets are and plan around a budget that works well for everyone. 


2.Research more than one place

Give yourself and your friend's options. Look into what deals certain places have, which places have the cheapest flights, what area has the best activities. Outline a rough budget and schedule for each place. Or have everyone in your friend group separately research a place they want to go to. 


3.Take a vote

Once you have options, take a vote. Talk things out. Discuss why you would rather go to one place over the other and go by the majority. 


4.Make compromises

Be willing to compromise. Even if your group doesn’t choose the place you want to go to, don’t be stubborn. Going somewhere with all your friends is better than going to your favorite place alone. 


5.Look into student discounts

Flights, hotels, and some activities may offer student discounts! Remember to look into these while you’re planning.


6.Look into accommodations first

Don’t buy your flight before you find a place to stay. You don’t want to be stuck with a trip and have nowhere to go. Look into AirBnBs, hotels, motels, holiday inns…Figure out what days they have availability for and when check-outs times are and plan your flights around your accommodations.


7.Buy your flights early

After you figure out your living situation, quickly book your flight. People usually say Tuesdays after 3 pm are the best time to buy flights. Many sites recommend buying flights 30 days to 3 months in advance if you are traveling within the US. If you are traveling internationally, it's recommended that you look 1½ to 5½ months in advance.  


8.Make a schedule ahead of time

Make a general schedule of what you will be doing each day. It doesn’t have to be detailed, writing down ‘day to relax’ should be enough. 


9.Pack early

Try your best to avoid those night-before target runs where you realize you don’t have the right adaptor or need an extra swimsuit.  


10s.Enjoy yourself! 

Forget about school and enjoy spending this time in a ne

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