10 Reasons Why Collegiettes Are Obsessed With Hocus Pocus

Every Halloween there is one tradition that many collegiettes uphold without fail. No, it’s not trick-or-treating; it’s watching the 1993 film Hocus Pocus. The movie has generated a cult following, even though many of its fans weren’t even born when the film originally came out. So what makes Hocus Pocus the Halloween classic that we’re obsessed with? Here are 10 reasons why collegiettes can’t get enough of Hocus Pocus

1. Max Dennison Is The Cutest 

2. We Not-So-Secretly Want A Talking Cat Like Binx

3. There Is An Awesome Musical Number

4. We Love Sarah Jessica Parker

5. It Has Humor For All Ages

6. Gary and Penny Marshall’s Cameo

7. Ice. 

8. Winifred Echo’s How We Feel In The Morning

9. Dani Is Our Sassy Spirit Animal

10. It Gives Us All The Feels