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What To Do If You Have No Money And Aren’t Going Anywhere

Spring Break. In a few more hours, midterms week will be over and Spring Break will officially begin – hooray for sleep and (potentially) heat from the sun! To all of the students who have big plans for their week-long break, congratulations, I salute you. Some days I wish that I was you because amazing plans are what my spring break should consist of. To everyone else, spring break is a time frame for recuperation from sleep deprivation and a half semester long of unhealthy eating, and let’s face it – living habits. But for those of us who are stuck being broke and without plans to spend this mini-break, don’t worry because we’ve got three ideas on what you can do to enjoy your mini vacation.

Plan #1: Date Night

Whether you will be spending your spring break with friends, family, a significant other, with pets, or just by yourself, there’s always a reason to go on a date night. Now don’t let the name fool you because date night is just a code for a nice evening of binge-watching, food, and relaxation. Call up some of your girlfriends and watch a chick flick or simply spend some time with your loved ones. Who can resist a girls night in?

Plan #2: Spa Day

If you are looking for a relaxing stress-free day, grab a face mask and create your very own spa right in the comfort of your home. Hosting your own spa day is very inexpensive when you already have the items in your house. This is also a great time to reflect and take a mental health breather.

Plan #3: Explore the City

If you live in the city, then this is the perfect activity for you. As an F&M college student, you spend a large amount of time away from home. This is why plan #3 is to explore your city! Grab a couple of friends and spend the day as a tourist. Take lots of photos (because #selfie) and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is your home. You might even be surprised to see how therapeutic it can be! In my personal experience, exploring the city is also a great way to catch up with old friends while learning about all of the new developments that have taken place.

How will you be spending your Spring Break?

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Vivian is the current Campus Correspondent and Marketing Director of the Her Campus chapter at F&M, where she has been a member for 3 years. She is a senior at Franklin & Marshall College, studying business and sociology. In her free time, she can be found catching up on TV shows, reading novels, or spending time with her sorority sisters. Her interests include branding, public relations, and marketing.
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