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Original photo by Erika Groves
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at F and M chapter.

Come winter season at F&M, you may find yourself comparing thecampus to the South Pole. At the first snowfall, students run to their classroom windows in amazement, eager to race outside and make snow angels…or whatever people do these days. However, this snow soon turns into mud-filled slush, people soon become weary, and a sort of hibernation begins. All of the fall outfits we were so excited to break out are no longer worn, instead replaced by bundles upon bundles of scarves and sweatshirts. I figured I’d help everyone out—to avoid looking homeless on campus, here are a few fashion forward necessities that can keep you warm this season:

HUE Ottoman Rib Sweater Tights will keep you warm underneath skirts and dresses you didn’t think you could wear this winter. Pair them with tall riding boots for class or heels going out at night.

L.L. Bean’s Shearling-Lined Bean Boots are a must. They come in natural colors of brown and black and are durable through all sorts of weather. Plus, the lining really does keep you warm while maintaining that preppy look you love.

Find them on L.L. Bean’s website or in stores.

Patagonia Women’s Better Sweater™ is a classic. It sits perfectly underneath your jacket without making you look like you’ve gained five lbs. Perfect solution!

Find on the Patagonia website.

J. Crew’s Waffle-stitch Infinity Scarf comes in an array of cute colors to make your outfit pop! The infinity is perfect to throw over your coat in a last-minute effort to brave the cold.


Avoid being permanently hooded this season. Eugenia Kim’s Lula Turban Headband is a great alternative to a clunky hat this winter. It matches everything and won’t give you hat hair! Plus it has subtle metallic accents, giving it an edge. 

Find on Shopbop.com