Transitional Pieces: Styling Overalls for Cold Weather

I don't know about you, but fall is an amazing season for showing off amazing fashion pieces. Despite the snow storm that took place a few days ago, spring is coming and we are ready for it! Spring is a season where the weather is still cold in the early months while being very warm towards the later months. This is why transitional pieces are great to incorporate into your wardrobe. What statement piece screams more than overalls!? Here are some outfit ideas on how you can incorporate overalls into your wardrobe even though it might be cold outside.

#1. Long-pants Overalls

There are so many different types of overalls that exist in the world of fashion. One way that you can wear overalls despite the cold weather is by wearing overalls with long pants. Not only can you layer it with a long-sleeve shirt, but you can also wear a sweater over it if you run out of jeans.

#2. Wide-Legged Overalls

Pair a wide-legged pair of overalls with a simple sweater and booties for a chic and effortless look. Bonus points if you can find a suede or velvet pair!

#3. Knee-High Boots Combo

If you only have a simple pair of overalls and don't feel like buying more, no worries because there are so many outfits that you can create from just one piece! Pair your overalls with knee-high boots for a comfy and cozy look.

All images from Pinterest