Top Four F&M Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for ways on how you can show off some school spirit for Halloween? Here are our top four F&M Halloween costume ideas.

#1. Ben & John

Image courtesy of Franklin & Marshall College

How can you not be Ben Franklin & John Marshall at F&M? By the way, where can we get this costume? Asking for a friend.

#2. Dip Squirrel

Image courtesy of Halloween Costumes

For an alternative to the Ben and John mascot costume, consider going as F&M's very Dip Squirrel!

#3. Dip Rabbit

If a squirrel isn't your scene, then consider going as F&M Dip rabbit/bunny.

#4. Diplomat

For a simple costume, why not go as a fellow Diplomat? Simply wear an athletic jersey or any F&M gear for the ultimate look.