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Tips for Staying Healthy During This Winter Storm

'Tis the season to get sick and end up in bed with the flu. With the recent snow fall or snow falls, it seems that a slight bug has been going around our campus. Here are some helpful tips to keep you healthy as we dredge through this terrible weather:

1. Cover up. Gloves, hats, scarves. The whole shebang, basically every odd piece of winter clothing your mother has bought you over the years, use it!

2.  Drink lots of fluids. Water is your best friend, drink loads of it, as well as juice,  and other fluids (not alcohol!)

3.  Update your prescriptions/make sure you have the essentials: aspirin, nyquil, dayquil, etc.

4. Get rest! Sleep early. Your body needs rest to fight off any infections!

5. Wash your hands--or use a hand sanitizer.   

6. Stay indoors and keep warm!


7.  Walk like a penguin--you heard me right, walk like a penguin. Waddle across campus, since this will prevent you from slipping on ice and cracking your head open.

And don’t fret! The sun will return soon with green grass, and the chirp of noisy birds...oh and hay fever.

Keep healthy!

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