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Nick Mahany

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Major: Astrophysics

Hobbies: Long walks on the beach and Spikeball

Describe yourself in three words: Sensitive, caring, and emotional

Favorite spot on campus: Hartman Green

Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite band: Zac Brown Band

Favorite vacation spot: Colorado Mountains

Favorite date spot: My room

Favorite animal: Red panda

Guilty pleasure: Singing T-Swift in the shower

Dating Deal breaker: If she says “yolo”

Describe your ideal girl: Funny, playful, and adventurous

Describe your ideal date: In space

Three wishes: Happiness, to own a red panda, and three more wishes

Favorite pick-up line: I wish I were your homework, ‘cuz then I’d be hard and you’d be doing me on the table.

Why he’s the campus cutie: Whether you’re listening to a country song on the Green, or watching Good Will Hunting in his room, this astrophysics major will make you feel like a star.

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