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In Memory of Elana Stein ’16

Last Friday my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, received tragic news.  Our sister and friend Elana had passed away. I never got to know Elana on a personal level, but I remember her as a hardworking, passionate and happy young woman. She was always smiling and shining. I asked my sisters who knew her well to share some stories, memories or even quotes in the honor of her memory.

"Elana met me her first semester. We instantly clicked and bonded over our Hebrew class. She became one of my best friends and my grand little. I can't pick a single story because she was just such a great person and has so many times together. I love her very much and know I'll see her again someday.  – Ariel Givner

"I didn't know Elana super well, but I do know she was extremely positive and outgoing and her smile and laugh filled the room." Allie Morey

"One of my favorite Elana memories was a night I called her to help me jump my car. I don't know why I called her considering neither of us knew anything about cars or how to jump them, but she insisted that she was my Big and these things were her job and we were NOT calling AAA. After many phone calls to various manly men and especially Elana's Dad, my car finally started. Elana was so proud of herself for figuring this out for me and as we went to leave and celebrate, we realized that in the process of fixing my car... Elana broke hers and we had to call AAA anyway. That's the kind of person Elana was. She would do anything to help you fix your car, even if it meant breaking her own in the process."  Nicole Savidge

"Well first I think that any memory anyone has of Elana will be automatically full of laughter, smiles, and hilarious 'had to be there' moments. She was an incredible person and could always bring a smile to your face, which made her just so amazing and special.

One of my fun memories with Elana is driving down to our Leadership Conference for ADPi. We were packed into the back seat and the entire trip we were laughing, joking around, and eating all the tons of snacks we had brought along for the trip. We stopped for dinner at this Friendly's where there was a really cute waiter working. Elana and Kate were attempting to take a stealthy Snapchat picture of him to send to people, but unfortunately the hostess caught her in the act and said, 'I can just get his number for you'. It was so embarrassing but hilarious and it’s something so Elana, I remember that memory a lot when I think of her. :)

Another is more of just a statement of fact. When she first joined the sorority we were all working so hard to get to know all the new members so we could get a Little Diamond. The thing was, was that every single one of us wanted, and was told to get Elana. My Big Diamond was so excited for Elana to join and become a part of OUR family. I know this same situation was true for almost every sister in the sorority. She was incredible and stood out for anyone who talked to her for even a moment. That is something that was so special about Elana, everyone loved and wanted to be friends with her in the first second they talked with her. 

She also constantly made fun of me in our Theory class because I was constantly texting and going crazy using my phone up until the last second before class. She sent Snapchats multiple times of me frowning down at my phone and typing furiously. 

We all loved her so much. She was perfect and beautiful and will be missed so much." Margaret Babson

"Elana and I loved two things: ice cream and adventures. The last Sunday before spring break Elana and I went to breakfast and decided, like always, that we needed some ice cream. We drove to Maggie Moo's only to realize ice cream places didn't open until noon, so we decided just to keep driving to kill time and come back. We just kept driving singing at the top of our lungs and getting more and more lost until eventually we made our way back and got ice cream, happy and carefree as ever."  - Amanda Clayton

"Elana was my year in ADPi and I got to know her throughout our time between bid day and initiation. We had a class together and at one of our first events with the sisterhood she asked if we could sit next to each other in class. We had never really spoken before, but she excitedly decided we would be Gov 100 buddies. After initiation, we were leaving the chapel and she invited me to go to froyo with her and two other girls. It was the first time I had gotten off campus with sisters and I was just starting to learn what a sisterhood meant. I remember laughing the entire time and thinking how awesome my pledge class was. Elana cherished the friendships she had and would constantly share her bubbly personality and enthusiasm with every sister and at every event. Even if we wouldn't see each other for a few weeks, we would catch up like nothing had changed in the time we hadn't spoken. I feel so lucky I got to know such a little piece of sunshine. We love you Elana." - Kristy Schultz

We love you Elana, you will be our sister and our friend for eternity.

We live for each other.


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