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Learn About Our Majors: The Life of a Physics Student

Have you always been a curious person? Do you love to learn about how the universe works? Are you a science person? Do you have a knack for mathematics? If this sounds like you then you might just be a PHYSICS MAJOR!

Learn About Our Majors: The Life of a Physics Student

As a physics major, you are paving your way towards a career in engineering, aerospace, research, and even education. Here at Franklin & Marshall College, you are required to take 13 courses (4 math classes and 9 physics classes) to major in this department. Likewise, if you are interested in astrophysics, you are required to take a total of 15 courses (4 math classes, 4 astronomy classes, and 7 physics classes). Yes, you will be utilizing applied mathematics for this major – YES, #MATH.

In order to become a physics major, it is important that you genuinely like the subject and am interested in it. This is because, not only will you be spending a great amount of time working on problem sets, but you will also be studying the subject for the next four years – and possibly the rest of your career.

Why Should I Become a Physics Major?

As a physics major, you will almost never have to worry about the stresses of course registration because you will most likely get into the classes that you need. In addition, there is a high possibility that your classes will be arranged around a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. Unfortunately, you will have labs for some of your classes, but don’t worry because your life will not be 100% confined to labs. Aside from this, physics courses are structured hierarchically. In other words, there are prerequisites that you need to take in order to take advanced courses. As a result, it is important that you keep in contact with your advisor early on in your physics career in order to identify how you can schedule your courses to ensure that you are taking the necessary courses for your next semesters.

How Would You Describe the Physics Department?

The professors in the physics department are very eccentric and quirky. One of the best things about being a physics major is the support system that is offered throughout the department. For example, professors are readily available around the time that your schedules will be due. Aside from that, lower-level courses also include tutors who are available and ready to help you. One of the perks of being a physics major is access to the physics lounge – also known as the hub of the physics major. Located on the second floor of Hackman, the physics lounge is your go-to for when you need help with homework and/or all things physics.

Are you ready to become a physics major? Stop by Hackman if you have any additional questions! #GOSCIENCE

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