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John Ancona ’15

Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

Major: English

Minor: Latin

Relationship Status: Single

Activities on Campus: President of Delta Sigma Phi, CEC (College Entertainment Committee)

Favorite Spot on Campus: Ben’s Underground

Favorite Movie: Kill Bill

Favorite Song: Behind Blue Eyes

Favorite Class: Writing Fiction

Favorite Animal: Owl

Dream Job: Publishing Mogul

What Do You Do for Fun? Run, hike, rock climb

How Does a Girl Get Your Attention? A killer joke

What Would You Write on Your Tombstone? Something that would make every person walking by my tombstone weep uncontrollably

Three Wishes: A healthy future, a foam pit with a diving board, and world peace

What Three Items Would You Bring with You on a Deserted Island? Book, metal detector, hammock

What’s on Your Bucket List Before You Graduate? Scream in the library

First Thing You Notice about a Girl: Attitude

Best Pick-up Line: “Hey.”

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years? Married with a child on the way, living in New York City, and publishing my own writing.

What’s Your Favorite Part about Winter? Knowing that spring is coming soon

Why He’s Our Campus Cutie: Because everyone swoons over the fun, outdoorsy type who can write you love poems…in Latin.

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