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Jesse Murphy ’18

Jesse Murphy ’18

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Theatre and Physics double major and Math minor

Activities on Campus: F&M Players, LGBT Association, TDF productions, ASL

Three words to describe you: Smart, Sassy, Opaque

What is your best joke? What is the derivative of a cow? Prime rib!

Favorite Place to Hang Out? Zime

Three things you’d take on an island: Keurig coffee machine, Calculator, and a lighter.
What do you love about F&M? I love the people; everyone’s very social and welcoming.
Ben or John? Ben, of course.


I am currently a senior at Franklin and Marshall College in the picturesque city of Lancaster, PA. I am a Spanish and History major and I'm excited to be a writer for HerCampus F&M. I love finding new and interesting ways to design nails and always share it with others. I also love all things of adventurous and exotic natures, stories, art, and cute boys (let's not forget what we really are checking on HerCampus).
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