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Holi 2014

Holi is one of my favorite Indian festivals, I remember being a little girl and waking up in the morning during Holi, to find my self adorned with colors before the hour had passed. Holi is our festival of colors, friendship and renewals. From a religious standpoint, it is celebrated during the end of winter, beginning of spring and marks the triumph of good over evil; but the message of friendship and new beginnings is carried throughout the festival, may be celebrated as a part of Hinduism, or not.

    On our campus for the last three years during Spring Arts, SANGAM, has been hosting Holi.  The whole celebration generally lasts about 15 mins for us, but it’s a crazy, colorful fifteen minutes. This time, as I walked down to the residential quad, I could see a horde of people waiting patiently to fight with colored powders.  We had blue, green, yellow, and red. With the window blowing and colors flying into the air. I can only imagine the sight we must have been from the sight.

According to my parents, Holi is much more dangerous in India, and involves a lot more than just groups of people throwing colors at each other. Water guns and pranks play huge role as well. One can only imagine the ‘hungama’ or ‘craziness’ adding water to our play would have entailed. The funnest thing for me is to watch non indians of all backgrounds come out and celebrate, they have huge smiles on their faces, as the dance around the colors.  

 For me, spring arts would not be the same if I was not able to play Holi. The excitement and colors in the wind. The look on people’s faces as I walk past them to get food.  And the small part of me knowing that I get to partake in a festival that is celebrated worldwide by Indians and Non-Indians alike.


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