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F&M’s 5th Annual Gender Bender Ball: The Fashion Edition!

On Friday November 22, from 8:30-11:30 pm, F&M students dressed in drag, and gathered in the Steinman College Center to attend LGBTA and OMCA’s 5th annual Gender Bender Ball! The party featured performances by Sweet Ophelia and The Poor Richards, (two of F&M’s acapella groups), Kahmor Vixenn and Amethyst Diamond, two fabulous drag queens. Everyone had a blast gender bending. Check out the amazing costumes! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the event

Drag Queen and guest star Amethyst Diamond owned the stage in a hot pink kimono sleeve leotard, statement earrings, and heels.

  Shannon, class of 2016, rocked the mascara beard and some serious #broswag.

Max, class of 2017, and winner of Ms. Drag Queen, looked amazing in a black LOVE sweater, purple skirt, heels, and hair band.

Zach, class of 2014, literally lit up the night wearing a cat printed dress and Christmas tree tights.

Sucel, class of 2017 showed off a classy tie, button down, belt, and pin stripe shorts. So debonair!

Eddie, class of 2016, looked elegant as ever sporting his girlfriend’s dress.  

Molly, class of 2014, showed off some serious guns in an athletic inspired outfit.

John, class of 2014, stole the show with an elegant dress he purchased at a thrift store for $3, and jewelry to complete the look.


Caroline is an Art History Major at Tulane University, class of 2016.  She's passionate about fashion, design, comedy, and traveling. Originally Philladelphia, Caroline can be seen on campus sketching in her moleskin notebook, doing yoga, telling stand up comedy, and spending time with her family and friends.    
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