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Five Halloween Group Costumes For #SquadGoals

Halloween is a great time for #squad costumes! Whether you decide to go in a couple costume or to dress up with your friends, here are some fun Halloween group costumes for #squadgoals.

#1. Social butterflies

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If you love scrolling through the internet during times of procrastination or even before you go to bed at night, then dressing up as social butterflies would be the perfect costume for you and your friends. To pull off this look, simply grab a pair of wings and tape a social media paper symbol on your shirt.

#2. Blind Mice

Image courtesy of Pinterest

For your favorite trio, the three blind mice costume is simple to recreate.

#3. The Wizard of Oz

Image courtesy of Pinterest

For a creative and effortless look, try out this Wizard of Oz costume for a classic twist on this timeless movie! Bonus points if you get a cute dog to participate.

#4. M&Ms

Image courtesy of Pinterest

For a sweet costume, consider going with your friends in an M&M costume!

#5. 101 Dalmatians

Image courtesy of Pinterest

For all of the Disney lovers out there, the 101 Dalmatians is a great costume for your squad.

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