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Ben Franklin and John Marshall

Happy (Early) April Fool’s Day, readers! This week, we’re featuring two very special celebrities, our lovely founders, Ben Franklin and John Marshall!

Now, we should discuss all the reasons why this dynamic duo is our campus celebrities–well, let’s see, they started this school where we are all so lucky to attend (Mr. Ben Franklin here actually donated the first money for us). Not to mention that we are listed as having some of the weirdest college mascots, and we’re all the Diplomats (yeah, I know, weird name).

How do you guys feel about President Porterfield? We love him! He’s doing a kick-ass job running our school (that’s the modern vernacular, right?)

F&M used to be an all-male school, but now we’re co-ed. How do you feel about females going here? Ben Franklin: I love our F&M women! They’re quite the saucy ones and are very motivated.

What’s your favorite hall on campus? Ben Franklin: The restaurants at Ben Franklin (which you call the D-Hall, I presume?). John Marshall: Marshall Hall, of course.

John Marshall, how do you feel about a society being named after you? What society? I have a society named after me? Ben, do YOU have a society named after you? I hope not. Score! (That’s the proper usage of that term, correct?)

What wisdom would you give current F&M students? Ben Franklin: YOLO….I mean YOSO…you only study once! John Marshall: Make wise choices.

Along with being the Her Campus Franklin and Marshall Campus Correspondent, I am also the editor-in-chief of Epilogue, F&M's literary Magazine, Staff Writer for The College Reporter, F&M's student newspaper, and a very active member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. When not hard at work, you can find me writing, reading, geeking out over Disney movies with my friends, or doing art projects.
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