Angela Ling '19


Angela Ling

Class Year?


HC: Hometown?

AL: San Leandro, CA

HC: What are you involved in at F&M?

AL: I am one of the founders and current president of the Asian American Alliance club on campus. This club was founded because I, along with many Asian Americans on campus felt that we didn't have a presence at F&M. So, this club was formed in order to give people a safe space to speak their minds and to garner support from like-minded individuals. Another goal of this club is to encourage people from all backgrounds and identities to attend the meetings in order to understand the Asian American identity, and, by doing so, gathering support between members of different groups.

HC: Favorite place to eat in Lancaster?

AL: Saigon Cafe.

HC: Favorite place on campus?

AL: The small garden next to LSP.

HC: What's your favorite quote?

AL: "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." -Thomas Jefferson

HC: An interesting fact about you?

AL: I have a twin brother.

HC: What's your dream vacation?

AL: My dream vacation would be traveling back to Hawaii, and escaping the stress that plagues F&M students.

HC: Favorite class you've taken here?

AL: Sociology 100.

HC: Ben or John?

AL: Ben because he discovered electricity.