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Alex Hartline

Hometown: Reading, PA

Major: Sociology

Activities on Campus: Co-chair women’s center, President of 1 in 4, writing center tutor, Executive Board of the Radio, Event coordinator

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Pick up Line: Never used one, not a real thing. Who does that?

Three must haves: Mp3 player, phone, tooth-pick ( I like to chew on it)

If you had a superpower, what would it be?: Mind reader! I always want to know what other people are thinking.

Dating deal breaker: Someone being selfish, I like empathy.

How does a girl get your attention? Talking to me

What do you do in your spare time? I spend a lot of time with my close friends on campus. We like to play basketball. We just hang out, goof around, and talk for hours.

Why is he our campus cutie? Alex is one of the sweetest, down to earth men you’ll ever meet. He’s well involved on campus, he’ll never treat you wrong and I’m pretty sure that his future holds a lot for

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