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Abigail Sokolsky ’19

HC: Hometown?

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

HC: What are you involved in at F&M?

Kappa Delta, English Literature Major, Comparative Literary Studies Minor

HC: What is your favorite memory at F&M?

My favorite memory at F&M is the first Comparative Literary Studies course I took. It was a Russian Literature course with Prof. Bond, and it was something I genuinely looked forward to every week. The Professor’s enthusiasm for the subject was infectious and the class dynamic made the class even more fun. Taking this course set me on the Comparative Literary Studies path and I’m so glad that it did because it exposed me to a side of literature that I hadn’t known I was missing out on and has since become my passion.

HC: Favorite place to eat in Lancaster?


HC: Favorite place on campus?


HC: How would you describe your high school self?

Waiting for college.

HC: What inspires you?


HC: If you could do anything, what would you do?

Join the Peace Corps.

HC: If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your twelve-year old self?

It’s okay if you’re not good at math.

HC: An interesting fact about you?

I’ve been dog sledding.

HC: Ben or John? (and why)

Ben (because I’ve been him in the mascot suit before).


Tori Shaw is a student at Franklin & Marshall College majoring in Cognitive Science and Creative Writing. She aspires to be an intellectual property lawyer and poet someday, and is currently the Co-Campus Correspondent for F&M's Her Campus chapter.
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