5 Things We Miss About Summer

Fall is upon us and we can’t help but miss the warm summer days. With L’Oreal Sublime Bronze collection of suntan lotions and towelettes, you can maintain your summer glow.

5 Things We Miss About Summer

Summer Weather: Warm sun and glowing skins, who doesn’t miss the summer weather? Summer is the perfect weather for ice cream and shorts, two of our favorite things. The summer sun gave us a great feeling to just sit back and enjoy the long days of freedom and fun.

Summer Days: Summer days are perfect for bonfires and BBQs. Whether you’re celebrating the summer holidays or simply spending the weekend with friends and family, summer is the perfect season to spend time relaxing with your loved ones.

The Beach: To those of you who view the ocean as your second home, is it really summer without a trip to the beach?

No Homework: Perhaps the #1 thing that we miss about summer, THERE WERE NO HOMEWORK! We will forever reminisce about those days of free time and joy where we did not have any stresses or worries in our lives.

Reading Days: Summer was the perfect time to catch up on your favorite book. Whether you’re reading inside or by the beach, we couldn’t resist reading a good book.


What are some of the things that you miss about summer?