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5 Great April Fool’s Day Pranks

Ah, April Fool’s Day is almost here, and it’s our favorite time of year! Here we’ll rank some great pranks!

1. Wrapping Paper Room. An oldie but goodie. When someone leaves the room, you wrap everything in the room in wrapping paper and then force a person to have fun opening “the gifts” aka all of someone’s stuff.

2. “There’s a monster in the closet!” Aka someone hides in a closet and waits until no one is looking and jumps out and scares everyone else. You’ll really think there was something in the closet!

3. Facebook Hacks. Ah, good old Facebook. This one can include randomly changing someone else’s profile picture, cover photo, and/or status, perhaps even multiple times and to really funny things. This is especially fun if the victim never notices it.

4. Hide-and-go-seek…your stuff! This is where you, the prank mastermind, basically hide someone else’s stuff all over the place and force the victim to either go on a scavenger hunt or play hot and cold (or something else) until all the stuff is found.

5. Fridge Fun. All you need to do is find some really random (and probably slightly creepy looking) toy and hide it in someone else’s fridge where s/he would notice it only while trying to get food or drink. Feel free to attach a note to it as well.


Have some fun and go prank everyone!


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