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I am a proud owner of a Build-A-Bear. He’s a green frog, who has been lovingly called ‘Froggy Steve.’ He was a gift from my partner before we went long-distance because of university, and I never knew how much he would mean to me. My tiny froggy friend never fails to calm my head with a cuddle after a long day- especially during exam season! So, I hope to share this serenity with you. Here is why you need an emotional support Build-A-Bear! 

A Long-Distance Life Saver

Being in a long-distance relationship will always have its struggles. And I’m not saying that a Build-A-Bear will be a cure-all for when you miss your partner, but- speaking from personal experience- it definitely helps! My partner bought me my Build-A-Bear, and now my tiny friend will always be a reminder of them. Even better- I asked for a quick spray of my partner’s deodorant before they left- so now my bear smells like them too! When I miss my partner, a cuddle with my Build-A-Bear can act as a comfort for when I need it most. Now, this won’t work for all couples, but if you are in any way partial to a cuddle (with a stuffed friend or your other half!) then I couldn’t recommend this more.  

Why Not? They’re Cute!

If you’re not as sappy as me, a Build-A-Bear can still be just as vital for a happy student experience. Coming in a variety of characters, animals and themes, there seems to be a bear for every type of person. If you want cute- why not go for a classic? A fluffy bunny, a cuddly bear, or- and I’m definitely biased- even a pink or green frog! Looking for something a bit different? No worries- Build-A-Bears boasts a variety of characters from popular culture, ranging from Animal Crossing to the MCU. And really, what other justification do you need for getting a cuddly friend? They’re just so damn cute! 

Outfits and Accessories

If the characters and animals themselves aren’t tempting enough on their own, why don’t we turn our attention to the outfits and accessories on offer. Undoubtedly the staple of their adorable branding, Build-A-Bear allows you to pick clothes and accessories for your bear, so you can truly be an individual. I have way too many for my frog- he even has some pyjamas! It is just a cute little serotonin boost, and definitely factors into why I think you should have an emotional support Build-A-Bear. 

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Amber Tozer

Exeter '23

20, Queer, Third-Year History undergrad- interested in all things feminist, historical and LGBTQ+!