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Why To Stay In Exeter After Exams

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

So you’ve finished your exams: PHEW! But now for the tough decision: should you go home now, or wait around for a couple of weeks before heading home for the long-haul? Well, being the Exeter-loving girls that we are at HCX, we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should stick around for a couple more weeks in our pretty little city.

  1. Sunny Exeter

This one is a bit of a hope, bearing in mind the cold, wet and miserable weather we had at the end of last term, but if this summer is anything like last year’s then it is definitely something to hang around for. Whether you’re a fresher who is looking forward to hanging around on Lopes Lawn with a casual cider and card games, or a second or third year who knows the delights of the Impy lawn well, there is somewhere for you to lie with friends and maybe a casual drink and to enjoy the British summer. After all, it will hopefully be Pimms weather!

  1. Friends

Unless you’re lucky and live close to the majority of your Uni friends, then you’re probably not going to see most of them for a few months this summer. It’s well worth the extra week or so at the start of June spending some quality time with the girls when none of you have deadlines or any real commitments – there are few times in your life that you actually have a few weeks almost entirely duty free to do whatever you like, so make the most of it! Also, dare I say it, but if you’re about to graduate, make sure you enjoy your last few weeks in Exeter: going home too early could be something you regret later on.

  1. Events

Whether you’ve already bagged your ticket to The Enchanted Ball, are looking forward to Touch Duckes or still have an end of season event to go to, you’ve probably got something to hang around for. Going to an end of year ball with your friends is great fun: make sure you go to one if you can (at the very least everyone loves a good excuse to get dressed up!). These events are so much fun, a great reason to have nice photographs taken, the perfect excuse to drag your partner out, and make for some wonderful memories.  They might be expensive, but are very much worth it!

  1. The Beach

Okay, this is slightly premised on there being good weather, but hey, I’m ever the optimist! Grab a picnic, some good friends, and your bikini and you’re set for a wonderful day at the beach. Whether you want to just sit on the beach and soak up the sun or you fancy dipping into the slightly chilly sea, you’ll probably not be able to do this at home. Exmouth is so close by and we hard working students hardly get the chance to fully appreciate it…apart from in summer, when we finally get relief from those exams! If the weather is good this term, make sure this is something you enjoy and have a few days at the beach.

  1. Topsham

I think Topsham can be quite underappreciated by us Exeter students: especially in the summer. Take a walk with your friends down to Topsham one sunny morning, get there in time for afternoon tea or a pub lunch and have a leisurely stroll back. There are few things that will relax you more than this; and the best bit is, the walk and the views are free – it’s only your tea that will cost you anything!

  1. Time

Whether you’ve been wanting to check out The Exploding Bakery or been meaning to take a long walk down to Double Locks with your friends, there are very few opportunities in amongst all the deadlines and exams for you to actually do what you want. The library is no longer your home: make the most of this! If you want to have a movie marathon or head to the countryside for a couple of days, or even take a spa day (HCX would recommend The Magdalen Chapter – see our review here): there are no deadlines, lecturers or applications to stop you – as they say, seize the day and enjoy yourself.

Exeter is full of delights in the summer – especially if the weather is good enough – and so, whether you’re experiencing these delights for the first time, as a fresher, or as a graduating third year, there is plenty to hang around for: don’t make the mistake of going home too soon, you have three months at home and not a lot of time left in Exeter!

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Lauren is the President/Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Exeter, as well as the Manager of UK Expansion and a National Writer for HerCampus.com. While she has worked with Her Campus Exeter it has achieved Pink Chapter Level status and has grown to its current status as one of the most successful chapters internationally. She's determined to grow Her Campus in the UK this year and so is looking foward to working on increasing the number of HC UK chapters and to helping the established chapters improve and develop. This summer she was lucky enough to intern in the Her Campus Head Office in Boston, and had the most amazing time -- any time she can go back, she will! In her spare time Lauren loves to play tennis, catch up with her friends, go for long walks in the Scottish countryside or to watch chick-flicks under her duvet. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @laurenhudson25.