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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

What to wear on Valentine’s Day

What happened when I asked my friend’s for their most memorable Valentine’s outfits.

I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, except for the one time at school when the boy in my history class turned up with a bunch of flowers in front of everyone. This year I’m trying again and going on a date. But there’s an immediate problem; what on earth do I wear on Valentine’s Day? Naturally, I went to my friends for inspiration and asked them what their most memorable Valentine’s outfit was. Their replies, as you could imagine, did not disappoint.

“My most memorable outfit for Valentine’s was last year. I didn’t go on a date or anything but instead, decided to go out with my gal pals instead. I wore a bright red dress (a major departure from my usual black attire) and went to Cheesies where I stood out and had one of my best nights of university with friends.” –  Abbey, 2nd Year

“I don’t really dress up for Valentine’s, but one year, I decided to celebrate in secret and bought a Valentine’s Day underwear set with hearts on. Most uncomfortable thing ever, the bra even bruised me. Not exactly fun but definitely memorable.” – Emily, 1st Year

“On my first Valentine’s day with my boyfriend, I just wore jeans and a jumper. Nothing fancy; we went hiking so I had really muddy boots on and a wooly hat, certainly mot my most glamorous ensemble.  Yet the outfit is memorable because the day was perfect (minus the mud) and I can honestly say I haven’t had a better Valentine’s since.”-  Hannah, 2nd Year

“I went out a couple years ago with my friends on Valentine’s because we were all single. I was wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses (at night time) and thought I looked really cool. Turns out that was when I would meet my future girlfriend, who thankfully didn’t mind that I thought I was straight out of Top Gun.” – Mitch, 3rd Year

“Last year I went on a date with this guy I hadn’t known for very long. I thought I looked really awesome in a cute black jumpsuit I had found with killer sparkly hills. I could see his jaw drop when I walked into the restaurant. Turns out he was a bit of an idiot and the relationship didn’t go anywhere, but at least I know I looked awesome that night, so that is all that matters.”- Amber, 2nd Year

“Every year, rather than go out, me and my friends stay in and watch terrible romantic comedies and eat tones of takeaways. So, my most memorable Valentine’s outfits has to be my pajamas!” – Caitlin, 2nd Year  

Valentine’s Day fashion doesn’t have to mean going overboard on the day’s hallmark colour scheme of pink and red and smothered with hearts. Nor do you have to dress to impress. Just like every other day of the year, what I’ve learnt from my friends is that you’ve got to wear what suits you. And if that means a tight slinky number or your PJs then whoever you’re with on the day of love will love just as much.