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What We Can Learn From the Met Ball Gala


Almost all of you have a big event coming up soon, be it a university ball, a twenty-first birthday party or a summer wedding to attend. You might be struggling with outfit ideas, or wondering how to stand out and break away from your usual look. Why not let those who have plenty of experience in this area teach you some valuable lessons? The celebrities who attended the Met Ball last week have to attend huge, glamorous events all the time, which makes them the perfect people to learn a lesson or two from about dressing for an occasion. Here are some lessons you can learn from the Met Ball, before your next big event.


Don’t try to take on all the trends at once

Whilst a nod to the most recent trends can keep your look current, don’t get carried away and try them all at once. SJP clearly did not get the memo on this one. Trying out plaid, prints or a statement head piece might be a great way to add some interest to a simple black dress. Putting them all together will make your outfit mismatched, and make you look like you are trying way too hard to be cool. Another lesson we can learn here is to make sure your dress covers your underwear. That shouldn’t really have to be a lesson, but apparently no one thought to teach Sarah.

Use gold to add glitz

Most girls might reach for the sequins to add some shimmer to a look. Incorporating gold into your outfit is a much more classy way to dazzle on the dance floor. Gold is a gorgeous colour which is never worn enough at big events. It is flattering, will add a glow to your complexion and help you to stand out without having to go all-out. Wear it with black as Rosie has to look supermodel rather than Olympic medal.

Let lace add subtle sexiness to a demure gown

Taylor is actually pretty covered up if you look at the design of her dress. However, the lace inserts break up the silhouette and give a hint of sexiness without being too shocking for a black tie event.  This is an especially clever trick if you are feeling particularly happy with your newly-toned summer body and want to show it off whilst still looking formal.

Wear what you feel comfortable in

When you have a big event coming up, it is always tempting to use the opportunity to wear something a bit different. No girl wants to blend into the background or turn up in the same dress as everyone else. However, don’t put so much effort into making a statement that you end up feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing. Lily Cole might have wanted to make an impact on the red carpet, but she ended up looking uncomfortable and out of place.

In contrast, Cara stood out in studs and a low-front dress, but made sure that the rest of the dress was simple and flattered her figure. She looked gorgeous but unique – perfect!

Don’t be afraid to go mini

Grad ball and other formal occasions might seem like the ultimate event for floor-length dresses. But if you can’t find a maxi dress to suit your style, don’t let it limit you. Kate Bosworth looked absolutely fantastic in this embellished mini dress; much better than other celebs who picked ill-fitting, floor length dresses which swamped, rather than flattered, their figure. When picking a mini dress it is important to choose one which makes a statement, to offset its more casual length.

Let your confidence do the talking

Does Beyonce look good? No. (I hate myself for saying it!). Does she have men bowing down to her? Yes! Why? Because she is fierce and everyone knows it. Even if you don’t think you look half as good as Beyonce, borrow some of her killer confidence and it won’t matter what you are wearing. If you feel fantastic, everyone will think you are fantastic. If it works for Queen Bey, it can work for us too. 

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