This Week's 4 Biggest News Stories

Women's March

This week saw millions of women take to streets across the world to protest. Women from Iraq to Antarctica united for equality for everyone - women, LGBT, ethnic minorities, and people living with disabilities. The worldwide marches are being reported as one of the biggest in history, and one of the most peaceful.

Trumps officially becomes 45th President of the United States

President Barack Obama stood down as President of the United States of America after 8 years. Nearly 160,000 turned up to the National Mall to see the new President, Donald Trump as he was sworn in. There have been clashes between President Trump and the media about the actual figures of the turnout. Trump estimated one and a half million attendees, while his press secretary claimed it was the biggest turnout ever. Pictures released from the media, however, tell a different story.

Supreme Court Brexit Ruling

It is now official - the Supreme Court has ruled that Brexit negotiations need parliament’s seal of approval before any negotiations begin. This opens the possibility of Brexit being resisted by the House of Lords or blocked by MPs. This outcome is unlikely as Conservatives have a majority of 15, and only 1 Conservative MP, Ken Clarke, has said he will vote against his party.

La La Land Success

Nominations from many of the major award ceremonies have come in, and Lala Land, from the director Damien Chazelle is leading the pack. The film stars Emma Stone who plays Mia, a waitress trying to make it as an actress. Her love interest is jazz musician, Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling. Amongst Lala Land’s nominations are 14 Oscars (including best picture, and best actor and actress) and 11 Golden Globes (including best original score and best director). Chazelle has had box office and critical success before, with his 2014 show stopper ‘Whiplash’.