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This Week’s 4 Biggest News Stories

Truce in Aleppo breaks down

The temporary ceasefire in Aleppo, created to enable the delivery of aid, has collapsed after only a week. The night of Wednesday 21st saw the heaviest air strikes in months hit the city, resulting in large fires and the death of seven people, three of whom were children. Fighting also broke out in the southern district, where rebel forces tried to break a siege led by the Syrian government. The airstrikes followed an attack on an aid convoy just outside Aleppo on Monday 19th, which resulted in the UN suspending all aid deliveries. Neither Russia nor the US have taken responsibility for this attack, with both sides blaming the other. Talks between the two countries about re-instating the cease-fire have broken up without success.


Riots in Charlotte, North Carolina

The shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday 20th by a police officer has sparked outrage. The third black man to be killed by US police this week, Scott’s death has resulted in protests that, although beginning peacefully, soon turned violent. One protester was left in critical condition after a civilian on civilian shooting, and four police officers have been injured. North Carolina’s governor has declared a state of emergency in the city of Charlotte where the protests took place in an attempt to stem the violence.


Alex’s letter has gone viral

A letter written by six year old Alex from New York to President Obama has gone viral. In the letter Alex asks the President to bring Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy in the ambulance, to his home, offering to welcome him into his family. Touched by the humanity and love shown in the letter, Obama quoted Alex’s words at a UN summit on the refugee crisis, arguing that ‘we should all be a little more like Alex’. The video of Alex reading out his letter can be found here:


‘Bake Off’ scandal

The drama of last week surrounding the Great British Bake Off has escalated this week, with the announcement that whilst Paul Hollywood will be continuing with the show, Mary Berry has decided to quit. Justifying her decision through ‘loyalty to the BBC’, it is now very apparent that Hollywood will be the only returning member of the core four. This has raised questions as to whether the show will continue to have its unique feel. Channel 4, we’re looking at you.




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