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This Week’s 4 Biggest News Stories

Article 50 to be triggered by end of March

At the Conservative Party conference earlier this week, Theresa May declared that the UK will begin the procedure of leaving the EU by the end of March 2017. Once this process has begun, the UK will have two years to formally withdraw. As this time frame is not specific, negotiations could well begin earlier than the Prime Minister stated. May has explained that her decision to delay Brexit discussions until next year is to ensure the UK’s objectives are clearly established prior to any major decision-making.


UKIP leader Diane James resigns

Only 18 days after being elected, Diane James has resigned as leader of the UK Independence Party. In a statement to the Times, former deputy chairman of the party said she did not have “enough authority to reform” UKIP. Nigel Farage has temporarily stepped in as leader of the party until an election is held.


Jo Cox’s suspected killer refuses to plead

Thomas Mair, accused of killing MP Jo Cox in June 2016, chose to remain silent when asked how he pled to the charges. A plea of not guilty was then entered on his behalf. Cox, 41, and mother of two, was shot and stabbed in Birstall, West Yorkshire, and died from her injuries. Jo Cox was a passionate campaigner for finding a solution to the Syrian War, and was described by Jeremy Corbyn as a “real talent”. A trial date has already been set for November 14th.


Joanna Lumley calls wolf-whistling a “compliment”

During an interview with the Daily Mirror, Ms Lumley said she thought people had become too sensitive and that women should regard wolf-whistling as flattering. She noted that in the 60s people were more resilient and that women today needed to have thicker skin. Earlier this year, police in Nottinghamshire said wolf-whistling could be considered a hate crime.



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