US Mid-term Elections: Republicans Take Control

As results came in from the mid-term election held Tuesday November 4th it became clear that it was a battle the Republicans had won. Democrats lost control of the Senate losing seven seats (potentially eight after the Louisiana run-off in December) and Republicans increased their House majority even further. These results mean the new Senate majority leader is Republican Mitch McConnell, demoting Democrat Harry Reid to minority leader.



Many see this blow to the Democrats as a sign of the loss in confidence for Obama who has faced plummeting approval ratings in the last few years. This Republican majority in his final two years of presidency will make it far harder for Obama to push through his agenda and name new officials. 


Hayley Robinson who worked on Mitch McConnell’s campaign team had this to say “A month or so before the elections, President Obama told the country that he may not be on the ballot, but his policies are. Well, Americans have spoken. They don't want President Obama's policies. They don't want the liberal agenda and they're sick of Harry Reid stopping bill after bill in the Senate. The results from Tuesday were clear.”


The results were notable for a few other reasons as well for representing wins for a number of minorities. The Republicans elected 100 women to Congress including Mia Love who is the first black Republican female to have achieved this. Furthermore Tim Scott became the first African American to be elected in the South since 1870. Two further records were broken with 18-year old Saira Blair being elected as the youngest ever state legislator and Elisa Stefanik becoming the youngest woman to ever be elected to Congress at age 30.



Despite heavy wins for the GOP, many more liberal-championed issues passed across the country. Higher minimum wage, marijuana legalisation and increased abortion rights were just a few of the causes that did well in ballot measures, despite being the platforms that democrats ran - and lost - on. So whilst Democratic issues still remain important, it’s the Democratic leaders who have lost the faith of the people, something both parties will have to keep in mind.


The results of the mid-term elections are sure to have a huge impact in the coming years, especially for presidential candidates on both sides who may have to reassess what the American people want in a leader. However you feel about the results it’s sure to be an exciting few years.


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