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Top Health and Fitness Twitter Accounts to Follow

For us Health and Fitness enthusiasts, Twitter is a great source of motivation, tips and pretty pictures. Here are 12 top accounts to follow!

  1. Fitness Motivation (@BeFitMotivation)



Follow for a constant source of exercise motivation, as well as health tips and fun fitness facts.

  1. Sports Quotes (@Sports_Greats)

For all you sportswomen out there, this account will fill your newsfeed with uplifting and encouraging quotations to get you through some tough days!

  1. Athlete Motivation (@LV_Sports)

Similarly to above, Athlete Motivation tweets the best of inspirational, motivational quotations.

  1. Athletic Girls (@AthleticGirls)



A fun one for us sporty girls who love to complain about the problems of being a sporty girl, definitely some worthy retweets!

  1. Health & Fitness (@LiveFitToday)



Another motivational account, tweeting health tips and exercise encouragement.

  1. Healthy Food (@FoodHealth)



Follow Healthy Food to fill your newsfeed with pictures of mouth-wateringly delicious, low calorie food that will inspire you to eat well.

  1. Fitness & Nutrition (@FITNESS)

A useful account to follow for regular tips on health, nutrition, fitness and dieting.


  1. Uni of Exeter Sport (@UofExeterSport)




For you sporty Exeter students flashing the AU stash around campus, follow the official Exeter Sport to keep up to date on all the Uni sporting news.


  1. Fitness Motivation (@FitspirationaI)




A great account for tips and motivation on nutrition, fitness and more.

  1. Healthy Foods (@HeaIthFoods)

Another one for delicious healthy food ideas, inspiring an inventive and healthy diet.


  1.  Post Bad Sneakers (@PerfSneakers)

Some girls may get their shoegasms from heels, us fitness freaks get ours from sexy running shoes. These beautiful sneakers are sure to inspire you to invest in a pair, and get on that treadmill (or pavement).

  1. Health & Fitness (@HeaIthTips)


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