Top 5 Reasons to Travel Solo

1. You get to see and do exactly what you want

Travel experiences are never universal. Some focus on hitting museums or historical sites. Others prefer to wander, take in the architecture or spend hours in a café, sampling local food. Even amongst the museum-goers, some will flock to art exhibits while others prefer natural history. When you travel in a group, you’re obligated to compromise. You may see something you weren’t interested and love it or you might wish you still had your 12-pound entry fee. When travelling solo, all those issues disappear. You can see exactly what you want, spending your money according only to your preferences. Skip the famous aquarium? No problem. Spontaneous boat ride around the harbour? Go for it! 


2. There's time to stop and smell the roses

On my first (and favourite) solo day trip, I spent forty-five minutes in front of the Naval War Monument, admiring the beautiful Poppies Wave art project. I spent another half an hour watching the waves dance over a particularly rugged rock. When you travel by yourself, you have time to linger. Rejoice in this! You gain a deeper appreciation of your destination. 

3. It feels normal

Many people are worried before they travel; nervous about getting lost, feeling lonely, or not knowing what to do. As long as you’ve taken a trip or two before, most likely it won’t feel any different. Hop on the train, work out what you want to do, do it, and come home! Once you’re doing it, traveling by yourself doesn’t feel like a big deal…it feels natural.

4. You can be spontaneous!

Probably the best part about travelling alone is you don’t have to plan! You can just go. No class tomorrow? Go online (many sites have last minute ticket deals), and find the cheapest ticket to anywhere. You could scan over the top things to do at the least expensive destination (to ensure there’s something interesting) or just book the tickets and take a chance! A few hours (or minutes) later, you’re on the train. 

5. You are only young once

For most people, university is one of the few times in their lives when they have (relatively) few commitments and responsibilities. Spouses, children, and careers tend to get in the way of solo travel. So, take advantage of the opportunity while you have it! Travelling alone is not an experience you’ll soon forget.