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The Only Sex Position you Should be Trying on Pancake Day, Meet ‘The Pancake’

Happy Shrove Tuesday! Happy Pancake Day! Regardless of when you’re having your pancakes today, in the morning, afternoon or the evening, you should definitely find some time to try a new sex position. The one and only sex position that you should try today is…*drum roll* The Pancake. The great thing about this sex position is that you can do it before or after your pancakes, it doesn’t matter if you’re stuffed full of pancakes, since this position can be done whenever and isn’t influenced if you’re feeling full. If you really want some fun whilst doing this position, try doing this position under the sheets to turn up the heat.

This sex position gives the male, penetrating partner the power in this position, letting the female and therefore the receiver enjoy the wild ride. Think doggy style but reversed, so instead of the female holding herself upright, she’s lying on her back. So the female is on her back and will place her legs over her male partner’s shoulders, with their knees bent back towards their shoulders. Then the man will slowly, while keeping her legs over your shoulders, descend onto her effectively making her knees near her chest – so you need to be relatively flexible to do this. The male partner can be kneeling upright (probably the more ideal position) or can be more on top of the female partner and half-lying down. Whilst this is happening your partner will penetrate you. If your partner needs more leverage, he can reach around the female’s back with his arms and pull the female partner tightly against him. What’s great about this position is that it’s not just for heterosexual couples. The penetrating partner doesn’t have to have a penis, they can have a dildo and the receiving partner can either have a vagina or a penis.

This sex position leaves a lot of room for the penetrating partner to play with the receiving partner’s clitoris or penis. As a result, this position gives those with a clitoris, unreal clitoral orgasms since your legs are close together, making the vagina tighter from the pressure you’re experiencing of your legs being tightly compacted and at a specific angle. This is a very enjoyable position for both partners since it allows for maximum penetration. You could add a pillow under the female partner’s head or lower back, which can help to make this position more comfortable for the female partner. This position further gives you the ability to lean forward to close any gaps between you, allowing you to kiss and cuddle, so this position is great in that there’s multiple actions or choices you and your partner can make.

However, you decide to celebrate Pancake Day, don’t worry about the number of pancakes you have or are going to consume today since The Pancake sex position isn’t affected by this! Try this position today and see if it gets you in the mood for Pancake Day.

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