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Christmas is just around the corner and despite the merry spirit being in the air, what might be bringing you down is not having a beau for the holidays. We have all been there at some point, watching the cute couples get hot chocolate at the Christmas market, holding hands as they feed each other snacks from one of the stalls and the occasional display of PDA that either makes you barf or brings to the surface a hint of jealousy. Regardless of how you feel about being single at Christmas, we all need a little bit of reassurance every once in a while, and this article is here to remind you why being single during Christmas is actually the best.

Sharing blankets – If there is no partner, there is no sharing. Sometimes, we enjoy a solo cuddling session where we can hog the blanket as much as we want, regress to our true form of a human sized burrito and relax for hours on end.

Deciding what to watch – Deciding on a Christmas classic to watch on a cosy winter night can be tricky but there is no dilemma if there is no one you need to compromise with. Enjoy being able to watch whatever you want without anyone trying to persuade you to watch something else.

Christmas dinners – Ah yes, family gatherings are at the core of the true meaning of Christmas. They are also at the core of all my nightmares. Introducing your partner to family can either go very well or very badly. Not having a partner protects you from having to find out which one it will be for you.

Spending time with friends – When you don’t have a partner you can dedicate more time to other relationships in your life, like your friendships. Having a Christmas dinner with your housemates, going to a themed club night or having a simple sleepover are just some of the things you can do to spend quality time with your friends before going home for the holidays.

Christmas Gifts – Considering the cost of living crisis we are experiencing, every penny counts, and without a partner, that is one less person to have to spend your money on. It also takes away the time you would’ve spent thinking on what to get them, stressing about what they would get you and having to make sure they didn’t spend more than you because that would make you look cheap, but you are cheap, but they don’t have to know that. No beau, no gift and more money to spend on things for yourself because you deserve it.

Doing things for you – When you are in a relationship, a lot of your time is spent with the other person, especially during the festive season. But everyone needs some time for themselves every once in a while. Going for a walk after a snowy day or visiting the Christmas market stalls on your own to buy yourself an early Christmas gift are acts of self-care that we need during the festive season. Take advantage of the fact you have time to yourself and do something that makes you happy regardless of whether you do it alone or with others.

The point is, you don’t need a significant other to enjoy Christmas and you should focus on all the things you can do with or without a partner. Christmas is about spending time with those you love as well as yourself and reflecting on what is important. Having or not having a partner will not make your experience of the holidays better or worse, it will simply make it different.

MA Publishing student from Spain giving writing a go.