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The Article You Need: 4 Iconic Queer Halloween Costume Ideas

As Halloween is racing round the corner, brace yourself for the yearly imminent threat of articles on “last minute Halloween couples’ costume ideas”. These articles reuse the same ideas and the same outfits every year, and more significantly they’re all aimed at heterosexual people too. But wouldn’t it be a much better use of everyone’s time to have more articles on queer Halloween costume ideas? Especially considering there are more and more iconic queer characters in films and TV shows that are great ideas for Halloween costumes. Stereotypically, heterosexual couples costumes always sexualise women’s clothing, by producing skimpy outfits that are tight, short and revealing. Whilst it’s a complete personal choice to wear these scantily clad outfits, there are outfits for Queer people that can be as revealing as much or as little as you want. The most important thing about your costume is that you feel comfortable in dressing the way you want. Below are 4 ideas for queer Halloween costumes that are modern, important and best of all sexy!

Villanelle from Killing Eve

Number one of course has to be my favourite idea, the iconic and classy Villanelle from the hit TV show Killing Eve. Villanelle is a confident, passionate queer assassin who has a certain special over-the-top fashion sense, that is at once intensely unforgettable and iconic. The look I was thinking of is Villanelle’s infamous pink tutu paired with black combat boots. This outfit comes from season one, where Villanelle dresses more high femme, but honestly you could wear any of Villanelle’s outfits and still look completely stylish, iconic and of course intimidating.

Jules and Rue from euphoria

I thought Jules and Rue would be a great idea for a couples costume, especially considering there’s lots of talk of when Season 2 of Euphoria is being released. When season one of Euphoria was released, the show was praised for its depiction of queerness in accordance with serious topics, including queer repression. Jules’ storyline depicts her life both pre-transition and after. Rue was revealed as non-binary in the season finale with the line, ‘I just don’t feel comfortable in a dress’. Fun fact: this originally started as a fan theory and was later confirmed by the costume designer of Euphoria. What’s great about this couples costume idea is that these characters have completely different styles. Jules is characterised by pink tones and light-coloured clothing, whilst Rue is depicted through dark coloured clothing. Whatever outfits you choose, remember to add glitter!

Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body

Even though Jennifer’s Body came out in 2009, Jennifer is still an iconic bisexual character to take inspiration from for Halloween. I was specifically thinking of Jennifer’s cropped heart-printed pink jacket paired with low-rise jeans, with light pink heart earrings. You could even use some fake blood to denote Jennifer’s secret! Jennifer is one of those characters in a movie that’s both intimidating and terrifying to look at, so if you pick this idea, you’d certainly make an entrance.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy’s sexuality has always come into question, and more fan theories plus Tee Franklin’s confirmation, states that Poison Ivy is bisexual. Additionally, Harley Quinn has been depicted as bisexual, having been in a relationship with the infamous Joker and recently, in a non-monogamous relationship with Poison Ivy. So I thought it would be a good idea for a couples costume! In recent years, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn’s relationship is depicted as openly romantic. This is because in comics they refer to each other as ‘girlfriends’, giving each open cute pet names, getting married and have even been depicted as having sex in comics. Harley Quinn has multiple outfit choices you could choose from, however revealing or not you want it to be. Poison Ivy is generally denoted by green clothing, with green ivy and red hair. Both characters are striking in themselves, but when paired together, these anti-heroes denote that they’re in for a good time!

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