Ten Things To Do With A History Degree

Not all of us go to University knowing exactly what we want to do after graduation. In fact if you asked most undergrads they would say that they still do not know what they are going to do. Not all degrees end in an obvious job option but here at HCX we have got some suggestions of careers that your degree can lead to. This week we are looking at History degrees as there is much more you can do than become a museum curator or a history teacher.

1.     Lawyer
A history degree demonstrates that you have good critical and analytical skills which are necessary for lawyers.

2.     Journalism

Anyone who has studied history knows that involves a lot of essay writing and so this degree will show that you are an accomplished writer which can lead into a career in journalism.

3.     Publishing
Wading through endless sources could set you up well to a degree in publishing.

4.     Politics

The skills gained from a history degree would set you up well for a life in politics.

5.     Civil Service

Graduates joining the Civil Service Fast-Stream are involved in a wide variety of tasks, such as researching and analysing policy options.