Teen Books to Revisit

Sometimes it is nice to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the simpler times (without any essay deadlines). Maybe you just had a breakup, maybe you have been single for a while, or maybe you are loving (or despising) the single life. Regardless of your relationship status, these books will make you nostalgic and send you on a trip down memory lane.


Fifteen by Beverly Cleary: Fifteen is based in the fifties and although it’s old, you will definitely relate to it. The stuggle of picking the perfect outfit for your first date, going out to a fancy restaurant, this one covers it all! It’s a light hearted read about Jane’s first relationship and will certainly remind you of all the butterflies you’ve ever had when with your special someone. 


Confessions of Georgia Nicholson (series) by Louise Rennison: In honour of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging gracing Netflix with its arrival, this 10 book series was definitely one of our favourite ones. With her own land words and quirky personality, it was almost impossible to not be able to relate to Georgia in one way or another. From boy troubles to drama with the squad, Georgia’s confessions cover it all.

One or Two Things I Learned About Love by Dyan Sheldon: Your crush on a boyband member or just the boy in your class was probably your definition of the perfect boy to date. Connor Bowden is the definition of the perfect boy you shouldn’t. Seriously. From spying on Hildy’s phone to getting upset when she speaks to another guy or even hangs out with her girlfriends, to the extent of deleting her male Facebook friends. This book will remind you of any over possessive partner you've had.


Forever by Judy Blume: Again, a retro book, this time based in the 70’s. Although everything has changed otherwise, when comes to dating and sexuality, nothing much has changed. Crushes, dates and relationships, us girls have always been the same (although there may be some Facebook stalking involved now). When Katherine has sex for the first time, her relationship with Michael changes, not giving out any spoilers whether changes in a positive way or not, that is for you to find out! But, what we can say is, even though this book was based in the seventies, when writing about sexuality may have considered taboo, it certainly is relatable to every girl, even now, regardless of whether she has had sex or not. 



Girl Online Series by Zoe Sugg: Aside from the ghost writer controversies surrounding this book, a good story is a good story deserves credit regardless of who the author is, and Girl Online is definitely a good story. Set in the good ol’ present time, this book is about Penny, an anonymous online blogger who is perhaps one of the most relatable protagonists I have ever come across. Unlike her blog, she isn't popular at school and struggles with boys, friendships and panic attacks but then, she gets to travel to New York and meet Noah, when her life changes.


Let us know if we missed out on any books in the comments!

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