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Summer Flings: The Fun of Being Flung

It’s that time of year again. Uni is almost done for the year, the weather is getting slightly warmer and the stress of exams is soon to become a distant memory. Summer is the best time of year, whether you’re going away to a tropical destination or staying at home and hanging out with friends. But one thing can make or break your summer – a cheeky romance.

Summer flings are an experience every girl should try once in their life. Everyone is back from university and you realise that your usual booty call lives a 4 hour train away, but you can’t go without interaction with the opposite sex for 3 whole months. But where can you find a summer bae? Fear not, here are some tips and examples.

1. The holiday romance

You’re travelled to a sunny and warm beach resort with your family. You’re sunbathing by the pool reading the copy of Hello you got at the airport when you spot him from across the pool. He’s tanned, toned and seems just as desperate to get away from his family as you are. After a few mojitos in the bar, you’re skinny dipping in the ocean and smooching under the stars.  You exchange numbers and say you’ll meet up when you get home but you both know you won’t. You’ll treasure the summer you spent together and probably shed a tear on the flight home.

2. The guy from your internship

After hours of applying for various internships and enough rejections to cause you severe anxiety, you finally landed the one you wanted! You’ve got your sexy librarian suit on and you’re making copies on the machine when he enters in a very Chuck Bass manner. Goodbye silly, immature boys, you’re a woman now and this man understands that. He asks you out for lunch during your break and tells you all about his goals and plans for the future. It feels very naughty and forbidden, sneaking into empty office spaces to hook up. As they say, work hard play hard.

3. Your ex from school

You’ve both returned home and agree to go for a coffee, catch up and see how the other is doing (just checking in to make sure they haven’t managed to land an actual girlfriend since you broke up). You laugh and joke about your relationship and make polite chit chat. Then you end up going to a party or out clubbing with your home friends and after 6 jager bombs you decide “what have I got to lose, a girl has needs!” This is not a recommended summer fling. It usually results in unnecessary emotional trauma – the whole point of a summer romance is for it to be light and easy like a nice pinot grigio, not to bring emotional baggage back into your life. Don’t waste your summer on this boy, ladies.

4. The working boy

You didn’t get the internship you wanted and your friends didn’t organise a holiday, so you’ve found yourself working at a restaurant or bar all summer. Not the ideal situation, but at least you’ll be making money and will start the academic year with some dollar to spend. You don’t notice him at first but he’s funny, shy and you both live near each other and share lifts to and from work. He kisses you behind the bar and leaves little notes on your note pad. What you thought would be a boring summer has turned into the storyline for a romantic comedy and you’re the leading lady.

The only problem with a summer fling is the end; when you spend so much time with a person you fancy, the end is always going to be painful. Just remember you’ll be back at uni before you know it where a new pool of freshers will be available. Just go into it with a positive attitude and you’ll have the summer of a lifetime.

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