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Students Recommend: Societies in Exeter

One of the best things about University life is the opportunities you have to get involved with societies outside of your lectures, and there’s a huge range of activities to get stuck into. Some may help to further your career and some are just a bit of fun, but whether your interests lie in longboarding or baking, knitting or theatre, there’s definitely something for everyone. Five months into their first year at University, here’s what some of Exeter’s students around campus had to say about their favourite societies.


1.     Emily Clifford: Studies International Relations.        Member of the Surf society.

“The Surf society has been so much fun this term! Although I can’t actually surf, everyone has been so friendly and relaxed, which has been a welcome change from the slightly intimidating atmosphere of some other sports societies at Exeter. The committee have also been great at organising socials and trips away.”


2.     Divna Jankovic: Studies Drama.        Member of the Musical Theatre society.

“I’ve just had the opportunity to star in a production of Evita at Northcott Theatre, which has been an amazing start to my acting career!”


3.     Ben Moffat: Studies Economics.        Member of the Men’s Football Club.

“Football helps me unwind from lectures and the society has introduced me to loads of great new mates.”


4.     Patrycja Palys: Studies Law with French.        Member of the Polish society.

“I feel like I’ve found a little bit of my home in Exeter! If you’re from an international background, you can make friends with people who have grown up in the same place as you. And even if you’re English, Exeter’s international societies are a great way to find out about other cultures.”


5.     Maeve O’Driscoll: Studies Economics and Geography.        Member of the Performance Squad.

“The dress up and choreography this term has been so much fun. Joining the Performance Squad was one of the best decisions I’ve made since accepting my offer from Exeter!”


6.     Gracie Williamson: Studies French and Spanish.        Member of the French society.

“The French society has been a great way to meet people with the same interests as me, and the committee know how to organise a good night out!”


7.     Alasdair Gibbs: Studies Psychology.        Member of the Xpression FM Radio society.

“There’s so many ways to get involved in Xpression, like producing, presenting, performing or scriptwriting. This term, I’ve had the opportunity to get my own weekly radio show – Morning Mix – and even got to interview Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, for my first show!”


8.     Rosie Whittaker: Studies English.        Member of the Christian Union.

“I love being a part of the Christian Union. Everyone is so friendly and it’s a really encouraging community to be a part of as a Christian.”


9.     Dan Povey: Studies Physics.        Member of the Fencing society.

“Considering we’re all trying to stab each other, the atmosphere’s incredibly friendly!”


10.     Hannah Riley: Studies English and Spanish.          Member of the Volunteering society.

“My dream is to be a teacher, and thanks to the Volunteering society I’m going to be assisting with teaching primary school children tomorrow!”

Esther is in her second year at the University of Exeter studying English Literature with Proficiency in Spanish. She is currently the Marketing Director for Her Campus Exeter and enjoys dancing, travelling, baking and exploring Exeter with her friends.
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