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Serial Dating: Beating The Addiction

So you’ve just come home after a hideous coffee date. The guy you met up with let you pay for your own drink (what happened to good old fashioned chivalry?), his breath stank of onions and you couldn’t care less about the hour-long discussion he held with himself about the history of the Rolling Stones. But hey, it was a date, right? It could lead to something more, right? Time to take a reality check. Why on earth would you WANT something more from this guy? If there’s no chemistry there, why do you need to force it? If this is something you can identify with, you could well be suffering from a common affliction: Serial Dating. Fortunately, Her Campus is here for you during this difficult time. Here’s a list of remedies to help you overcome your addiction:

1.      Look at your Past

Generally speaking, serial daters will go through boyfriends like they do energy drinks during a late night revision cram. The first thing to do is to ask yourself why you might have a tendency to do this. Were you hurt by a boyfriend in the past? Do you feel pressured by commitment? Taking a look at possible events from the past that could have triggered your current behaviour might help you move forward.

2. Love Yourself

If you date at 100mph because you’re trying to prove to yourself that you’re attractive, it’s possible you’re suffering from some low self-esteem issues. Listing the positives about yourself – or getting a friend to write some down, and pinning them somewhere you’ll see them each morning when you wake up – will remind you that you don’t need to rack up the dates to feel fully rated.

3. Go Out With Your Friends

Never mind searching for round two of Mr Rolling Stones Wannabe, remind yourself that being without a boyfriend isn’t a death sentence by going out with your best friends instead. Hopefully, swapping coffee and boredom for shopping, giggles and fun will convince you that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

4. Learn to say No!

If you find yourself faced with an invitation to go for a drink with the less than appetising guy who’s always staring at you in lectures, don’t just give in and go along – you have the right to say no. Just because you could use the experience to tick off another date on your serial list doesn’t mean it’s worth it – be selective and only say yes to the cream of the crop.

5.      Wait for your Prince Charming

Quoting the L’Oreal advert, it’s “Because you’re worth it”. While it’s nice to be loved up, it isn’t essential to everyday life, and seeking dates wherever you can get them isn’t the way to find true happiness. It’s a common pattern that people find love when they’re not actively looking for it – why not see if that applies to you, too?

So there you have it – your five step guide to overcoming serial dating addiction. With any luck, one day you’ll find a guy who’s willing not only to pay for your coffee, but to ask if you actually like the Rolling Stones – but in the meantime, you can buy your own drinks and remember you’re awesome enough to embrace life minus the mediocre dates.

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