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Ruby’s- the Best of the Bunch!

When thinking of where to hold our first 'meet and greet' we were faced with numerous options! However, we at HCX like to have the best and there was no better place than the much loved ‘Ruby Modern Diner’ or as we all know it ‘Ruby Burger’.


A fashionable American style diner with the feel of a cool and trendy London based burger bar, where could be better for a relaxed catch up with new and old members alike!


The perfect place to meet friends, enjoy great food, drinks and socialise. The friendly atmosphere is second to none, and the fun feel of the diner creates the perfect dining experience for foodie lovers- an absolute winner in our book!

A trend started to emerge at our meet and greet…(and it wasn’t just the bright pink Her Campus polo tops we were all wearing) the milkshakes proved to be hugely popular with everyone wanting to try one! You can never beat a classic, and their flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are so delicious. There was also ‘Bango’ flavour, a banana ice cream based milkshake with mango puree, but our favourite has to be the Oreo-milkshake – we really couldn’t get enough of it!


A really exciting feature of the Ruby experience is their boozy milkshakes, called ‘hardshakes’. We highly recommend ‘Peanut Butter Wolf’, a chocolate ice cream shake, with peanut butter, banana, malt and a kick of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. No other place in Exeter has shakes like these - they are definitely one to tick off the bucket list. There is a vast array of different flavours and there’s always the classic cocktails if you’re not daring enough to try the shakes!

The Burgers are some of the best burgers you can have in Exeter, all locally produced and sourced with amazing flavour and great range of variety.  The name Ruby comes from the type of meat that is used in the burgers as the owners and staff are proud of their reputation for using locally sourced ingredients.  Something we love are the ‘sliders’ - a great way to try out a couple of half-sized burgers, especially if you find it as hard as we do to pick!


However if you’re not too keen on burgers, or simply fancy something else there is still a lot of choice. Why not try the pulled pork, the superfood salads or the jerk chicken wings?  Another way to do it, is to share sides with a friend, our recommendations are the chilli cheese fries and the poppers which went down a treat amongst our new members!


It’s clear to see why Ruby’s is an award-winning restaurant; so head on down and see what they have to offer, we may even see you there!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

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