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I’d like to start this by saying there is no way to define ‘best’ when it comes to vibrators and sex toys, these are just my personal opinions, and they might be different from yours, and that’s okay. The perfect way to find out what is the ‘best’ sex toy for you is to explore yourself and find out what you’re interested in and go from there. So, take some time out of your day and get to know yourself.

Bullet Vibrator

This was my first vibrator, and I think it’s a brilliant introduction into the world of pleasure. They’re only little (around 4 inches in length), so if the size is something that intimidates you (and that’s totally valid), then bullets are the best place to start. Usually costing around £12, they’re a brilliant and budget-friendly option! You can use them in many different ways – use the curved top for pinpoint clitoral stimulation or massage it against your labia. There are also finger attachments that make it a perfect toy to introduce a partner to for foreplay. It’s important to know that bullets (and most sex toys) are also not vulva exclusive and can be used on a penis too, which is just another fantastic thing about them.

Rabbit vibrator

Named after their distinctive look with ears and a rabbit-like face (where the vibration occurs), this is the perfect vibrator for those who want penetration as well as clitoral stimulation – it’s the best of both worlds. Often around £30, they’re a little bit more expensive than bullet vibrators. They’re definitely worth the higher price if you want that extra stimulation – some even have anal stimulators on them! It’s another brilliant vibrator to get when you’re starting out and is really beginner-friendly, especially if you’ve used non-vibrating dildos before. They usually come with three intensity levels and around 7 different vibration patterns, so you will absolutely find a setting that works for you!

G-Spot Vibrator

Probably one of the most underrated vibrators, these are also an absolute staple in my collection. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from cylinders with an angled vibrator on top to butterfly-shaped vibrators to stimulate the clitoris and g spot simultaneously! G-spot vibrators are also the most common form of ‘remote control’ toys, so they’re perfect for long-distance partners to connect without physically being together (I wish I had stocks in these when the first lockdown happened!). However, the app-controlled version of these is very expensive and range from £80 to £100, but you can totally find them for around £40 if they’re remote-controlled instead – but that means your partner (or yourself) needs to be close enough that they connect.

WanD Vibrator

When I tell you these aren’t called magic wands for nothing… I absolutely swear by this toy, and if I was only allowed to have one toy for the rest of my life, I would choose this in a heartbeat! They usually have a plug so they can be pretty loud, but that’s only because it’s so powerful (paper-thin walls are the bane of mine and my flatmates’ existence). Now, when I say it’s powerful, that’s underestimating them because (as someone who struggles to orgasm) they can make me finish in a few minutes. I’m told they’re a brilliant toy for helping people to squirt if that’s something you’re interested in trying. They are on the more expensive side – mine cost £50, but most places do really good student discounts which can work on top of sale items, so you can get an absolute steal if you look hard enough.

Cock Rings

As someone who doesn’t own a penis (which isn’t made of silicone), I personally can’t speak for how these feel, but the majority of reviews seem positive and claim to make erections last longer and with heightened orgasms. Most of them are silicone ring-shaped toys and a vibrator with rabbit ears on them (like a mixture between a bullet and rabbit vibrator). However, they also come with a huge range of added extras such as butt plugs, ball slings and dildos for double penetration! You can also get ones that are extra thick which can help if your cervix is lower than average and gets hit during penetrative sex. They’re also another very budget-friendly option and average between £10 and £20, but I did see a few for around £7, so it’s definitely worth a try if you ask me!

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators come in two different styles. Firstly, they can come in the same shape as butt plugs but with a vibrator inside them, so the whole toy vibrates. Your body will naturally tense and relax around the plug, which helps to heighten sensations. The other style is more for people with a prostate as they have a curved end which is around 3 inches – perfect for stimulating the prostate gland! Standard anal vibrators are usually about £20, but as with most sex toys, the price can vary drastically depending on what extras and special features you want on them. Now, this toy isn’t personally for me – if you feel the same, that’s totally fine. If you do like these or would be interested in trying them, that is also completely fine because everybody has different tastes and interests.

Clitoral suction toys

Although these technically don’t vibrate, I thought they deserved a mention as they use suction to simulate a pulsing sensation. These are by far the most expensive vibrator I’ve found at around £80, but you can be spending upwards of £120 for a premium branded one (I’m not sure if this would be worth it though). The main appeal to these (apart from what appears to be instant and the best orgasm ever) is its similarity to oral sex – I even found some travel-sized ones which are smaller for a discrete holiday surprise. Suction toys are usually rechargeable which also has its pros and cons. For example, you can keep your TV remote batteries where they belong and save an absolute fortune on them too, but if you forget to charge it, then you’ll have to wait or risk having it cut out when you need it most – the up to 240 minute runtime should stop that being an issue though. The reviews on this toy are sensational, and I’m really tempted to splash out and get myself one to see what the hype is about!

What I want to leave you with is the best advice I’ve ever been given – ‘invest in yourself with a really good sex toy because your pleasure is priceless!’ Although that’s a very cheesy way of putting it, I think the sentiment of putting yourself first and finding what makes you happy is really important.

Hi! My name's India and I'm a second-year Film and Television student studying at the University of Exeter. I'm a plus-sized and sex-positive feminist who loves listening to Harry Styles and Taylor Swift (Taylor's version ofc) :)
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