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Review of My Solo Trip to Copenhagen

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I am in love with Copenhagen officially. I am going to discuss in this article both my experience exploring a new city solo and how I find it. Then I will explain how much I now love Copenhagen and how I think all of you should now go on a city break to see this beautiful city.

How I Found Solo Travelling

As we all know, before I came, I was very nervous about my trip. So much so that I was going to cancel it. However, I am glad I didn’t because I learnt so much about myself and had such a lovely time. Luckily all my travels went very smoothly other than not being able to find the correct metro platform at the airport to begin with, but I managed to get to my hotel safely, nevertheless. I ended up staying slightly outside of the city as it was the cheapest way, I could get a hotel, but I found this to be the best option anyway as I was in a large hotel, and it felt safer because it was more residential than if I was staying in the centre of Copenhagen. I was a bit concerned about being by myself the whole time and that I would feel unsafe or lonely. The only time I felt unsafe was sometimes walking to the metro as the sun was setting in the Meatpacking District and visiting Christiania whilst it wasn’t busy but other than that the city felt extremely safe. I just kept an eye on my bag and rang someone when walking in the dark if I felt unsafe. I didn’t feel lonely at all in the day because wherever I was, I was close to other people. It was always very busy and bustling, so I never felt alone. The only time I did was in my hotel in the evening so to combat this I would call people and tell them about my day, or I would sit in the lobby, read, and have a cheeky drink. I think part of my luck was the location and how solo traveller-friendly Copenhagen is, but it has definitely not put me off travelling solo again and plan to do another solo trip soon.

What I thought of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities now. I love Norway and where I live because I love the Scandinavian lifestyle and the Nordic features, but I feel like wherever I have been in Norway there isn’t much energy, and it feels sleepy. Copenhagen was like Norway, but it felt more alive and more exciting. When I went to Oslo it was beautiful and fun, but it had far less to do than Copenhagen. I kind of see Copenhagen as an upgraded Oslo. I did a little city tour on Sunday morning which explained the Danish ‘hygge’ culture in which they find cosiness and happiness in certain acts or different settings. I enjoyed this as I had some company, but I also got to learn something about the culture I wouldn’t have without doing the tour. The food and drink places in Copenhagen were plentiful but despite this I found myself going to the same restaurant twice! If you are in Copenhagen, go to Warpigs it was my favourite place to eat and it is also a microbrewery so there’s plenty to try there whether it is food or drink. There are also so many cool Danish shops to explore and grab a few souvenirs. My favourite Danish shops were Ganni (a B-corp clothing shop) and A.C. Perch a lovely and traditional tea shop. Must-see destinations in the city are Nyhavn, Christiania, and Christianshavn as I found these to be the most beautiful and picturesque.

If you are thinking about a trip to Copenhagen – go. If you are thinking of going on a solo trip and don’t know where to go – Copenhagen is now your decided destination.

BA Politics and Study Abroad student at the University of Exeter. I have a passion for journalism and wild swimming!