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The Return of Downton Abbey: A Review

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

By Cressy Travis, new to HCX!

Heart thumping, sweating palms…it must mean only one thing: Downton is back. The new series has certainly arrived, with drama, excitement and humour, reminding us why we’ve been looking forward to the ITV drama’s return.

Matthew’s death was the key story on everyone’s mind. Much to the audience’s surprise, this was not the focus of the first episode. Indeed it seemed to simmer in the background for the majority of the first half. Yet we were not disappointed by the dramatic climax with Carson and Mary, certainly an unexpected twist.  There was enough drama in the episode to keep the diehard fans happy including Carson’s mystery friend and O’Brien leaving; but the frequent touches of humour by Maggie were a welcome touch as ever.

The background storylines seemed somewhat repetitive, however the audience was caught by utter surprise at Nanny West’s dramatic dismissal and unexpected side of character. All in all, the first episode was a perfect balance of enough teasing and settling of storylines to keep us very happy- bring on the next 8 weeks! 

Image Credits: telegraph.co.uk, tvfantatic.com, flavourwire.com