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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

January is the perfect time to make some worthwhile buys and set yourself up for the year-even though Christmas has just been, there’s nothing stopping you from treating yourself! Giving yourself that feel-good factor from retail therapy is the sort of vibe you want to carry throughout 2019, so start as you mean to go on! Here are some ideas of those new purchases you could make:

1. Coat

It’s only going to get colder from now on, so it’s a good time to purchase a new coat if you’re in need of one (it might be sensible to spend a bit of extra cash here to ensure good quality). The bonus of this, despite the pain of forking out the extra cash, is that the coat will last you years! A coat is also a statement piece. January is a great time to reinvent your style. You could choose to be bold with a bright colour. Or, your coat could become a personal symbol based on a New Year’s Resolution you have made. For example, if your plan is to be more confident in 2019, buy a brightly coloured puffer jacket, a coat in a bold pattern, or textured fabric like faux fur. Then, every time you wear it, you can remind yourself to be bold like your coat!

2. Nail Varnish

Buying nail varnish will prevent nail biting and encourage good upkeep of your nails. These are definitely two positive steps to take for most people when the new year begins. Putting the effort in to paint your nails is a good way to take time out of your busy day to de-stress. Also, having your nails looking nice is likely to make you feel good about yourself and is, therefore, a confidence booster.

3. New Mug

This may seem trivial, but why not buy yourself a new mug? Having a cuppa is something warming and calming. It’s a way to de-stress and a good excuse to socialise with your housemates-so why not do it in style? There are so many shops selling fancy and pretty mugs, so it will be fun to go out and have a browse. Not only that, drinking tea is a daily activity for most of us, so it seems logical to spend a little money on something new that you’re going to get good use out of. Another good reason for buying a new mug is hygiene. If you’ve been drinking from the same mug for years, then 2019 may finally be the year to replace it!

4. Ring

Obviously, this is the more expensive suggestion! Buying a new ring would really be a treat to kick off the new year. Having a pretty piece of jewellery on your hand that will catch your eye throughout the day, is likely to be a mood booster. It will make you feel good seeing your hands looking nice. Waking up and putting jewellery on in the morning will also become a routine to set yourself up for the day; wearing that ring on your hand will remind you that you deserved that treat. It will give you reassurance that you are achieving and encourage you to keep up the hard work.

There may possibly be sale items still floating about which is an even bigger excuse to go out and treat yourself with some worthwhile buys. Failing that, now is the perfect time to go shopping or buy online as new stock will be out. New stock always results in endless hours of enjoyable procrastination! Enjoy treating yourselves gals!