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Meeting Your Boyfriend on Tinder: The Pros and Cons

Due to the massive popularity of the app, combined with the mysterious ways in which love often operates, it’s quite likely that you know of a Tinder couple or two.

You probably think it’s kind of strange- and it kind of is- so Her Campus is here to give you the insider scoop on the rollercoaster ride that is being in a Tinder relationship.

Pro: You make a bunch of new friends – You get to enter a whole new social circle, and all it’s inhabitants will love you instantly, because they find it so hilarious that their friend has entered a relationship via Tinder (as will yours). Con: You have to tell your parents ridiculous lies – I told my Mother that we met ‘on Instagram’ because she doesn’t know what Instagram is, and a Google search won’t leave her disgusted. Pro: If it doesnt work out, the other parts of your will life remain relatively un-ruined – After a breakup, you usually still have to work with your ex, or go to uni with them, or at the very least share mutual friends, which means seeing each other at social gatherings. Not any more! (unless you really went to town on pro 1, that is).Con: “Don’t you worry hes doing the same thing with other girls” – Umm.. I do now.Pro: You’ll widen your horizons – It’s unlikely you’d have met this boy through the conventional means (because lets face it, if you could have met him one of those ways you would have, (because who wants to meet their boyfriend on Tinder?) That means that he’s into stuff you might not necessarily also be into, and that he might do things and go to places that you don’t, and vice versa. What a perfect opportunity to make yourself a more well rounded and multi-faceted individual?Con: There is no way you’re as hot as he thought you’d be, and vice versa – After all, Theres a reason that, after much deliberation, you picked those 4 pictures from a choice of hundreds… because they were freak accidents of physics and you don’t actually look like that. In reality, you look a fair bit uglier. Pro: You know they’re close – Well, in theory, but in practice Tinder’s a lying hussy. Also, if you’ve tindered hard enough to accidentally find a boyfriend then you’ve probably set your distance range to around 5,0000000000000000000 km.Con: You will read your first conversation, and cringe like never before – One day your curiosity will get the better of you, and you will regret it because you said things like ‘God, sooooooo hungover LMFAO’. Basically, you’ll see that you didn’t win him over with your biting wit and stunning intellect.Con: What if it gets super serious? – The best man will definitely comment on it in his speech. Imagine your future self saying: “What was that Jimmy? How did me and Daddy meet? Well when we were young there used to be these things called ‘apps’ …”

Con: The inescapable truth of the matter – You met either because you were either horny and wanted to look at some hot people who were theoretically within your grasp, or you were looking to validate your self worth by having concrete proof that hot people would bang you. Pretty sad really.

Pro: You are a beacon of hope to all – You did find love in a hopeless place! And if you can, so can anyone.

“It always seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Mandela

Third year Psychology and Anthropology undergrad and writer for Sex and Relationships.
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